7665 Hwy 7 N (next to BNC church)
Harrison, AR. 72601
Phone: 870-741-5935
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7665 Hwy 7 N
(next to BNC church)
Harrison, AR. 72601
Phone: 870-741-5935
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PetMommy is a socialized facility. Our goal is to ensure that your pet has a good time in a safe, fun, pest free, clean environment. We do not believe in locking our paw friends away in a kennel all day. They spend their time here running, jumping, chasing, chewing toys, pool time and most of all making new friends. We are located on a beautiful 8 acre property and 1+ acres of that is fenced and set aside for your pets enjoyment.  Our air/heated kennels are set aside for meal time, sleeping or storms. Otherwise they are free to come in and out of their room at will.

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All potential boarders and daycare clients are required to come for a free previsit with their parents (emergency exceptions considered). This allows you and your pet to tour our property, temperament test with other dogs, go over rules and daily activities and generally reduces anxiety on your pets behalf before the actual drop off.

  1. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. Exceptions must be discussed with PetMommy. Due to the nature of our social, interactive environment...this is required
  2. Overnighters must have proof of current rabies, parvo and bordetella vaccinations. Petmommy is diligent to keep her pet space free of disease, fleas and ticks and all paw friends are required to be on a monthly flea/tick treatment. If your pet is found to have fleas or ticks they will be given a flea/tick bath treatment by the groomer and a monthly treatment will be applied following. You will be charged the according fee.
  3. Overnighters must be dropped off by noon in winter hours and 3pm for summer hours, Monday thru Saturday. Sunday drop-off/pickup 8:00 am only. This allows your pet to have plenty of play and social time before dinner, playing again then bedtime (8-10pm). We are 7 day a week boarding including holidays.
  4. Overnighters are required to have a collar with name and phone number.
  5. Bring your own food (so not to have upset tummies), your favorite toy, blanket, chew...whatever comforts of home you would like to have in your room.
  6. Any medications, vitamins, etc..you will need. Petmommy does not charge extra for administering medications.

In general, your dog must socialize well with other dogs and be in good health. We have private training and socializing areas for dogs who need help in that area.

We also offer special care for the disabled and elderly. Although they will have some supervised social/yard time...the majority of their time will be spent in PetMommys personal home.


1 dog  - $40.00 +tax
2 dogs - $60.00 +tax
3 dogs - $80.00 +tax
4 dogs - $95.00 +tax
5 dogs - $100.00 +tax 
6 dogs - $120.00 +tax

Hourly rates apply beyond the 24 hr limit (2.00/hr per dog)

Holiday boarding requires a deposit.

Any stays over 14 days require a deposit.

To avoid cancellation fees (a % of stay) we must be notified 7 days before cancelling your reservation.

Please review the required boarding/daycare forms and agreements under our forms tab.


Petmommy understands that not all parents can board all their various animals..and perhaps not a chicken or cow...but no worries....PetMommy can come to you. Our rates vary, based on travel time and length/type of care needed ...but as a general rule, in home care for your pet(s) start at 20.00 per visit and farms start at 30.00 and up per visit.

Please call for a free previsit to your property to discuss your needs.....Farmers need vacations too!!

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