7665 Hwy 7 N (next to BNC church)
Harrison, AR. 72601
Phone: 870-741-5935
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7665 Hwy 7 N
(next to BNC church)
Harrison, AR. 72601
Phone: 870-741-5935
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Daycare friends spend the day running, chasing, playing with toys, jumping in the pool,digging holes and all those things that doggies love to do. Most importantly, they are socializing and making new friends.

PetMommy is a fun, clean, supervised social facility, therefore we require the following for everyones safety and health.

  1. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. Any exceptions must be discussed with PetMommy as this is  group dynamic play.
  2. Proof of current rabies and parvo vaccinations. Monthly flea/tick treatment applied before stay. If your pet is found to have fleas/ticks, they will be given a flea/tick bath treatment by the groomer and you will be notified and charged the according rate.
  3. All pets have an interview peocess. You and your pet will come for a free previsit to the property to determine their compatability, socialability and temperament with other daycare friends.
  4. Bring any medications or food your pet may require for daycare. PetMommy supplies all natural treats at noon.
  5. Daycare clients may NOT bring any toys or blankets or chews. If kenneling is required during their stay (for weather or behavioral reasons only)...PetMommy will supply those items.

Daycare hours are from 7am-5pm daily. Please call to verify your daycare needs.

Day Care Rates

1 dog all day daycare is $25.00 +tax
2 dogs all day daycare is $40.00 +tax
3 dogs all day daycare is $50.00 +tax

We offer package discounts

1 dog $160.00 +tax for 10 anytime visits (excluding weekends and holidays).
2 dogs $250.00 +tax for 10 anytime visits (excluding weekends and holidays).
3 dogs $375.00 +tax for 10 anytime visits (excluding weekends and holidays).

Exculding Weelends and Holidays

Before or after hour daycare drop off or pick up may require an additional $15.00 fee.

Same rates apply to those daycare friends who are elderly, special needs or convalescing. They will be in PetMommys personal home and have complete supervised yard time.

We offer doggie daycare as a supplement to your dogs daily need for activity. If you find that your dog is chewing things up..not giving you a minutes peace when you get home..anxious..nervous..sad..pleae consider daycare as a solution to your dogs overall wellbeing///and your peace!!

Please see required forms for your daycare needs under our forms tab.

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